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Amazing Smoothies

Small (16oz)  $5.50      Large (24oz)  $6.50

Extra Large (32oz)     $7.50

Choice of Almond Milk / Whole Milk/Yogurt/or No Milk

Add Protein or Other Supplement $1.00 and Up or Vegetable or Fruit or Add Tapioca $0.50

A1.Cool Fresh Shake
Avocado, spinach, cucumber, banana, peanut butter

A2.Smart Shake

Blueberry, blackberry, avocado with ginkgo booster

A3.Peach Berry Combination

Banana, peach, orange, blackberry, blueberry, apple

A4.Enthusiastic Summer

Strawberry, blueberry, banana, orange, wheat grass

A5.Morning Glory

Strawberry, banana, apple, celery, spinach, kale

A6.Sweet Spin

Kale, spinach, mango, pineapple, lychee

A7.Chocolate Champ

Cacao powder, banana, peanut butter, coconut

A8.Vitamin C

Carrot, orange, pineapple, kiwi with energen-c


Apple, kiwi, banana, blackberry, date, pomegranate w. flaxseed

A10.Berry Passion

Strawberry, blueberry, banana, kale, peanut butter

A11.Peaches Delight

Mango, banana, peach, kale, spinach

A12.Powerful Chia

Mango, pineapple, banana, kale, lychee with chia seed

A13.Green Monster

Kale, spinach, coconut, banana, pineapple

A14.Passion Green

Mango, passion fruit, kale, spinach

A15.Avocado Colada

Avocado, lemon, coconut, pineapple, spinach

A16.Black Beauty

Blackberry, blueberry, lemon, grape, apple, banana, cinnamon, chia seed

A17.Berry Colada

Banana, strawberry, coconut, pineapple

A18.Pink Lady

Mango, banana, pineapple, raspberry


Peanut butter, banana, granola

A20.Pome Queen

Pomegranate, flax, avocado, spinach, strawberry, blueberry, date

A21.Peanut Butter Punch

Peanut butter, banana, whey protein

A22.Red Alert

Orange, beet, pineapple, papaya, carrot, passion fruit

A23.Berry Booster

Blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, pomegranate with ginseng booster

A24.Watermelon Surprise

Kale, watermelon, apple, lemon, lychee

A25.Daily Energy

Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, banana, pineapple, whey protein

A26.Meal Replacement

Banana, date, avocado, spinach, oat meal

A27.Guava King

Mango, banana, guava, blueberry, kale, spinach

A28.Green Walk

Kale, parsley, celery, spinach, cucumber, spirlina, banana, ginger

A29.Berry Powerful

Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, raspberry, goji berry

A30.Matcha Strong

Mango, avocado, banana, papaya, matcha green tea, spinach

A31.Super Baobab

Coconut, kale, mango banana, baobab

A32.Tropical Passion

Pineapple, mango, orange, ginger, apple, peach, lemon

A33.Almond Split

Strawberry, blueberry, banana, cacao powder, raw almond

A34.Gain Muscle

Avocado, banana, spinach, cucumber, whey protein


Spinach, blueberry, kale, lemon, green apple, baobab

A36.Healthy Life

Kale, soursoy, banana, blueberry, avocado

A37.Sex Drive

Fig, papaya, strawberry, orange, avocado, maca

A38.Cold Warrior

Lemon, ginger, orange, mint, pineapple, carrot

A39.Beauty and Love

Coconut, banana, fig, avocado, flaxseed, strawberry


Mango, strawberry, cantaloupe, banana, pineapple

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